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Stem cells are the foundation of a new multi-billion dollar industry that will transform medicine, cosmetics and new anti-aging technologies in the 21st century.
The global stem cell therapy market was about $21 billion in 2010 and it is projected to grow to $60 billion by 2015. In the near future, tens then hundreds of millions of people across the globe will be treated with stem cells. The United States is likely to register a CAGR growth of around 45% just during 2011-2013
While the stem cell landscape is filled with promise and opportunity, it also has its challenges. Some treatments have little prospect of success, many confront difficult regulatory hurdles and yet others are frauds carried out by the unscrupulous on the unknowing. But at the same time, researchers around the world are coming up with new stem cell solutions at an ever-faster pace that will herald new drugs and non-drug therapies, cosmetic applications, anti-aging solutions and therapeutic medicines.
Every major pharmaceutical company, virtually every government and many industry leaders see this huge opportunity. But within the excitement, it is hard to find reality and sort out the reality from the fraud, the possible from the impossible, and to determine what the realistic time horizons are for the various technologies.
That's where Stem Cells Consulting comes in.
For the past five years we have toured the globe meeting with the top scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs, Ministers of Health, hospital boards, government officials and others to learn just who is leading the charge, where success lies, where the pitfalls are and what can actually be done, for how much money and with what result.

Your company will be provided with an easy to understand overview of the world of stem cells and their development for treatment of a wide variety of diseases, applying them for orthopedic purposes, for cosmetic applications and the newest developments in wellness.
Whether you are looking to position your company to take advantage of this new wave of biotechnology that is changing the face of medicine or you are institutional investors looking for the competitive edge to maximize your profits, our company helps you analyze how stem cells can be integrated into your core competencies and how to be positioned to best profit by being in the best position. We then offer ongoing reports, updates and other research services to keep you informed of the very latest breakthroughs as they are applicable to your business.
The Founders are David Audley, the former Executive Director of the International Cellular Medicine Society and Steve Marshank a leading expert in pioneering applied therapeutics. Together, David and Steve represent a global brains trust of the best and brightest in stem cell research and business applications and have access to a network of hundreds of experts around the world.